Zoey Analytics Discontinued?



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    Zoey Partner/Marketing Team

    Hi Debra,

    Thanks for reaching out and asking your question here! We're always happy to use the community to help add some context and clarity.

    The Analytics section of the admin is where the Zoey Analytics tools live today. (Two of the menu options, Reporting and Settings, are not a part of the announcement, and will continue to exist.)

    The data that Zoey Analytics relies on comes from the store itself, so what Zoey Analytics is doing is interpreting the data. It's the same data that Google Analytics reviews for its reports about eCommerce conversions, for instance. What we're asking for feedback around is what users are needing and using today, and what they would like to see Zoey provide tomorrow.

    I'm happy to report that we've already received a lot of great feedback about what our merchants are seeking.

    We will not code an analytics tool from the ground up - there's too many great solutions out there today, and there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. So it will be another third party, and the question we're evaluating is whether we will support  Google Analytics' enhanced ecommerce features, which we do not support today, provide another third party tool that can replace Zoey Analytics, or some combination of both. Regardless of the decision, there will be a recommended way to get useful analytics around your store, your customers and your sales. Our plan is to have a decision and a replacement figured out ahead of the Zoey Analytics sunset, so there's something new available.

    I hope this helps clarify, but Debra, and anyone else reading this, please don't hesitate to ask any other questions around this!


    PS: For those who didn't see the announcement, our third-party provider that powers Zoey Analytics, Jirafe by SAP YaaS, has announced they are closing down the service. You can read our original notice here.

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    Is it going to be a basic version and then a premium paid version for better analytics, or will the full toolset be available the way Zoey Analytics is currently?  And will we lose any customer history sales data or previous months/years sales data?

    Thank you for your prompt response! It's refreshing!

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    Zoey Partner/Marketing Team

    We're not sure the exact make-up of basic vs premium yet. If a premium version were to exist, the idea would be for it to offer more tools than the previous analytics tool, so it ultimately could be useful for businesses seeking more depth than Zoey Analytics could offer.

    All customer history and sales data are inside Zoey, so that's what I meant about Zoey Analytics interpreting data - your core data is not what we're losing, just the analysis tool that interpreted it. Any new tool would just take that over, using the data that Zoey is capturing.

    Some tools are able to analyze all the data, including historical; others, because of how they're implemented, can only interpret from the point they're enabled (Google Analytics eCommerce tracking is an example). We're looking at that question as one element of how we transition to a new tool, but as we're still evaluating options, we won't have a good answer there until final decisions are made.

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