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    Our themes are all "responsive" meaning we often do not use pixel widths for design elements. Instead we use percentages of the browser width. So an image set to 50% of the page can be over 1000px wide on a large iMac or 512px wide on a small laptop. For this reason, and the fact that our store owners all have different needs for the way their images are displayed, we can not recommend a specific set of image dimensions.

    The general rule of thumb however is 2x the dimensions of the largest place your image will be shown. The product image zoom only works when the image is larger than displayed when the page loads. This is the only reason for our suggestion.

    It's good to keep things consistent. If at all possible when creating your product images, make them all the same dimensions.

    The only other suggestion we can offer is to keep your image file sizes as low as possible. This is a general rule for web-friendly images. The larger they are, the longer it takes your pages to load. And realize that your category pages load multiple product images at one time, so if you show 36 products and each image is 1MB, your customer has to load 36MB of images. 

    (note: the Zoey CDN and image service does it's best to optimize and reduce file size without affecting quality, but the rule above still applies.)

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